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I have always been fascinated with female heroes. In my opinion, there are simply not enough kick-ass babes in the world of fiction.

Commander Shepard is one of my favorite female heroes, so I just had to explore what would make such a person tick.

If you know the Mass Effect video game series, you know this is one Shepard out of many, but she happened to be my favorite. I also like Norse mythology, so that was definitely an influence.

Part 1 - Valkyrie

This story follows Lieutenant Commander Kyrie Shepard through Mass Effect 1. The story then continues in Chosen of the Slain (which covers the time between games), and Valhalla (which covers Mass Effect 2, with flashbacks to earlier times).

Technically, this story is ‘Shenko,’ meaning that Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko figures prominently. Thanks to the KAST (Kaidan Alenko Support Thread), the folks, and all my awesome readers for inspiration and encouragement..

Part 2 - Chosen of the Slain

This story is the angsty one - broken up by moments of romance, smut, and occasional Cerberus plotting.

This is the 2nd story in an ongoing fan fiction about Lieutenant Commander Kyrie Shepard. Her history and paragrade character are set up in the first volume, Valkyrie (which follows Mass Effect 1). The story then continues for the time between games, then goes on in Valhalla (which covers Mass Effect 2).

Flashback: Secret 2010-01-01

almost two weeks into the mission to clean up pockets of geth resistance, about one month after the Battle of the Citadel; two weeks prior to the Citadel awards ceremony

Ramen 2010-04-09

one week after the Battle of the Citadel, following a two-day shore leave (details of that leave follow in Valhalla), the Normandy is scheduled to depart in four hours from the Citadel

Part 3 - Valhalla

I both love and hate Mass Effect 2 for the way Shepard is forced to work with Cerberus in the darker second chapter of her story.

In order to reconcile these twin impulses in my mind, and to explain to myself how the hero of Mass Effect 1 could still be the same hero of Mass Effect 2, I started writing a fan fic and it just kept going. As much as possible, I’ve tried to keep all things true to the canon, or at least not blatantly go against it. This story is Shenko, meaning ample time spent with Kaidan Alenko.

This story was originally published on I’ve removed most authors notes and cleaned up things a little when I moved it here. Thanks to the folks and all the awesome readers who have encouraged my writing.

Part 4 - Ragnarok

This is the final chapter of the Valkyrie’s story: Ragnarok, the end of the world.

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