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Daughters of Andraste

A clueless mage, a seductive rogue, and a mouthy Dalish walk into a Conclave...

Redux/novelization/Sage's Total Re-imagining of Dragon Age: Inquisition - Multiple OCs, Multiple plotlines, Multiple 'ships, all the characters and ALL the feels.

  • Dragon Age Fanfiction
  • Cullen/Trevelyan, and many more
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Women warriors always get the job done.

Valkyrie Shepard is no exception, even if her feelings sometimes get in the way. Follows the Mass Effect plot lines with some biotic and Shenko liberties.

  • Mass Effect Fanfiction
  • Shepard/Alenko (#shenko)
  • More...

About the Author

Hi. My name is Sage. I subsist on a diet of coffee, fiction, and all things geeky. This is where I post the stuff that I write. For now, most of it is BioWare-related fanfic. I hope you like it.

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