Daughters of Andraste

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Redux/novelization/Sage’s Total Re-imagining of Dragon Age: Inquisition - Multiple OCs, Multiple plotlines, Multiple ‘ships, all the characters and ALL the feels.

Part 1 - Haven

Kate Trevelyan, Circle mage of Ostwick and earnest, genteel nerd, travels to the Conclave with Colleen Lavellen, an ex-Dalish-turned-librarian, and Robert Trevelyan, her charming smuggler cousin. But when the peace talks explode, Robert falls in with bad company, Coll finds herself chasing mercs, and Kate becomes…the Herald of Andraste?

Sort of. Kate has absolutely NO idea what she’s doing, and her growing attraction to a certain former templar isn’t helping.

Part 2 - Adamant Friends, Faded Lovers

Here lies that FREAKING abyss…

Based on this concept art, I wondered…

What if Hawke’s ‘Grey Warden friend’ was Anders?

Oh, and also Carver.

Newly-minted Inquisitor Kate Trevelyan vows to stop Corypheus, and enlists the help of the rockstar formerly known as the Champion of Kirkwall. But Brigid Hawke has tons of personal baggage, not to mention an entourage of wildcards.

Will the duo reach Adamant Fortress in time? Will Anders give Cullen a migraine? Will Robert Trevelyan blow his chances with Cassandra? Will Coll Lavellen learn diplomacy? Will Kate and Cullen ever become more than ‘just friends’? WILL ALL THESE ROMANTIC TENSIONS EVER BE RESOLVED??

Welcome to Part 2 of Daughters of Andraste, a canon-friendly re-imagining of Dragon Age Inquisition, with multiple ‘ships, plotlines, in-game and original characters, humor, drama, romance and ALL the feels. Archive warnings in place and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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