Daughters of Andraste

Part 1 - Haven Part 2 - Adamant Other Chapters
Redux/novelization/Sage’s Total Re-imagining of Dragon Age: Inquisition - Multiple OCs, Multiple plotlines, Multiple ‘ships, all the characters and ALL the feels.

Part 1 - Haven

Kate Trevelyan, Circle mage of Ostwick and earnest, genteel nerd, travels to the Conclave with Colleen Lavellen, an ex-Dalish-turned-librarian, and Robert Trevelyan, her charming smuggler cousin. But when the peace talks explode, Robert falls in with bad company, Coll finds herself chasing mercs, and Kate becomes…the Herald of Andraste?

Sort of. Kate has absolutely NO idea what she’s doing, and her growing attraction to a certain former templar isn’t helping.

Part 2 - Adamant

Following the destruction of Haven, Kate Trevelyan takes on the mantle of Inquisitor, aided by her ‘friend,’ Commander Cullen. Colleen Lavellen pursues Krem while being hounded by Solas, Robert Trevelyan finds his legendary charm is useless against suspicious Seekers, and Brigid Hawke’s entourage shows up to turn the Inquisition into a circus.

In other words, it’s the continuing story of Dragon Age: Inquisition, novelized/reduxed by SageFic with multiple OCs, multiple ships, multiple plotlines and a whole lot of adventure, jokes, romance, and angst (hey, it’s Here Lies the Abyss). Enjoy!

Other Chapters